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Lakeside restaurant has been established with a goal of introducing authentic and premium foods from Nepal.

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The Name Lakeside

Lakeside” derives its name from the picturesque Pokhara, Nepal, a magnet for millions of global tourists annually. Situated along the serene shores of Phewa Lake, it offers captivating vistas of the Annapurna Mountain range, attracting nature enthusiasts and trekkers alike. Boasting a vibrant array of hotels, restaurants, and shops, Lakeside provides an immersive experience blending adventure with cultural exploration, featuring iconic sites like the Tal Barahi Temple and Bindhyabasini Temple


Our Story

Lakeside Gurkhas, owned and managed by a passionate team comprising a chef, corporate officer, and entrepreneur, is dedicated to promoting Nepali flavors and heritage. Recognizing a gap in representing Nepali cuisine authentically, they aimed to create an ultimate dining experience focusing on authenticity, generosity, and premium customer service. Their goal extends beyond business, aiming to give back to the community through diverse diet options and warm Nepali hospitality, evident in every aspect of their food and service. Whether you’re on keto, prefer low-carb, vegetarian, or a spice lover, Lakeside Gurkhas caters to all tastes. Embark on a culinary journey from the Himalayas to the hills and the Terai, with a nod to Australia and neighboring South Asian countries through handpicked flavors showcased in their menu sections “Love for Australia” and “Flavours from Neighbours.


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ndulge in fine dining at home with our gourmet door-to-door delivery service.

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Enjoy fine dining at home with our gourmet door delivery service.

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Elevate your event with our gourmet outdoor catering.

Banquets Hall

Celebrate in style with our elegant banquet hall, perfect for any occasion.

What our Owners have to say

Words from our owners

@Lakeside, You will experience a homely ambience, Warm Welcoming people and never-ending genuine smiles


Inspired by Nepal’s rich heritage and deep-rooted traditions, we serve delicately prepared hearty and simple ingredients-based meals that represent Nepal’s diverse culture and geography


Sit back, relax and relish the unique flavours & immerse into the cultural experience as we take you through the journey of classic flavours


gurkhas pride

History Of Gurkhas

The Gurkhas, known for their fierce fighting spirit and loyalty, originate from Nepal and serve in the British Army with four regiments. Stemming from the recruitment by the British East India Company in the early 19th century, their name comes from the town of Gorkha. Despite initial defeat, their military prowess led to recruitment into the British Army, forming the 1st Gurkha Regiment in 1817. They have served with distinction in conflicts from World War I to the Gulf War, embodying a legendary tradition of bravery and skill

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