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Gurkha Soup ( Chicken/Buff )

Originated in our kitchen, this hearty soup is infused with spices and a combination of thin rice noodles , vegetables and 6 pieces of Buff or chicken momo

$22.00 / 24.00

Chowmein ( veg/chicken )

Nepali style noodles stir- fried in a wok with julienned veggies or meat, local spices sauce blend and served with tomato ketchup

$18.00 / 22.00

Keema Noodles (Chicken)

Our version of hearty Tibetian dish made with boiled noodles , minced chicken meat , veggies, chilli and spices


Chicken Chilli

Premium diced marinated and deep fried chicken pieces tossed with onion, capsicum, nepali spices and sauce


Chicken Choila

Authentic Newari cuisine- nepali spices blend infused chicken pieces marinated with mustard oil ginger – garlic onions , coriander and chillies


Bhutan Set

A true Nepali Delicacy; Goat Offal boiled and stir-fried with Nepali spices which is served on a platter with beaten rice, puffed rice, tomato achar and soybean salad


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