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From the “Streets of Nepal”

Samosa (2pcs)

Spicy potatoes and spices in pastry -deep fried and served with chutney


Wai Wai Sadeko

Crispy wai wai instant noodles tossed with nepali spices, onions, and tomato {flavors spicy and tangy}



Spicy and tangy puffed rice dish flavoured with seasonal veggies/herbs including cucumber, onions, lemon, coriander, tomato, chickpeas and special spice mix.


Aloo Nimki

Spicy and tangy chat made with Potatoes, Deep-fried crackers, gram flour and flavoured with special spices and veggies.


Chiya Nimki

Masala tea is served with deep-fried spiced wheat flour crackers.


Gurkha Aloo

Crispy and spicy potato wedges tossed with chef’s special spicy blend


Pani Puri (10 pcs)

Semolina puffs served with potato salsa and finished with traditional sauces {Flavors: Sweet, spicy, tangy And Crispy}


Spiral Aloo (2 pcs)

Seasonal Potato flavoured with Nepali spices and served on a skewer


Nepali Chicken Sausage (3 pcs)

Deep-fried sausage flavoured with Nepali spices and served with chilli sauce


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